Frequently Asked Questions About NDT UV LED Lamps


Learn what a UV LED is, and what to consider when comparing hand-held and stationary overhead UV LED lamps

by David Geis, Product Manager


What is a NDT UV LED?

For NDT, UV-A is electromagnetic radiation in the near-ultraviolet range of wavelength with peak intensity at 365 nm (3650 A), referenced by ASTM E1316.

LEDs are a solid-state electronic component that generates light.  For NDT, UV-A LEDs must have the right spectrum (peak at 365 nm) and the right intensity to produce fluorescence in penetrants and magnetic particle materials.

Interested in comparing Magnaflux UV LEDs to each other? Check out our UV LED Comparison Guide.


When do I choose between an EV6000 and EV6500?

Pick the right tool for the job. If you need to comply with Aerospace specifications, pick the EV6000. If you need higher intensity UV for field inspection, or if you need a white light to prove up indications, pick the EV6500.


If I want to use a handheld lamp with the ST700, do I have to use the EV6500?

The ST700 provides broad area UV-A coverage. For close-up inspection of holes, bores, or complex geometries, a hand-held lamp may be needed to get the job done. Depending on your job specs, the EV6000 or the EV6500 can be used in conjunction with the ST700.


In the situation that I need more beam area than the ST700, what should I do?

Larger inspection areas may require multiple lamps to provide enough UV-A coverage. Several ST700 units can be tied together on a common circuit to operate them all from a single light switch. We would be happy to help you configure a custom inspection system.


Are LEDs difficult to replace?

All Magnaflux LED lamps have a comprehensive 1-year warranty against any failure. Replacing an LED assembly is not as simple as replacing a light bulb. Because the LEDs are very sensitive to static discharge, replacement of the assembly would be done by one of our Authorized Service Centers.


What’s the lifespan of LEDs? 

All Magnaflux LED lamps are officially rated at 10,000 hours continuous operation. This corresponds to our comprehensive 1-year warranty. The EV6000, EV6500, and ST700 lamps are designed to be extremely durable to stand up to real-world inspection environments, and will far out-last the official rating. The actual life of the lamp depends greatly on the environment and conditions where it’s used. 


Learn what to consider when looking for a new UV-A light for fluorescent penetrant testing or magnetic particle inspection.


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Description UV-A Pass filter eliminates deep violet glare and provides highest inspection contrast High UV-A intensity gives bright fluorescent indications, and wide-angle white light mode prevents glare Broad and even coverage in both UV-A and white light modes, and full inspection intensity


Published May 15, 2018

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