Magnetic Particle Inspection Accessories

These magnetic particle testing accessories will help you optimize your mag particle testing processes so you have a complete solution to meet all your non-destructive testing application needs.

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Magnetic Equipment Accessories

Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Testing Cables Connectors

Cables & Connectors

For magnetic benches or electromagnetic current generators to work with any part size or application

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Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment Coils

Magnetic Coils

Fixed magnetizing coils for magnetic benches to magnetize a variety of part sizes and shapes

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Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection Contact Pads

Contact Pads

Copper and lead contact pads for magnetic benches ensure reliable electrical contact with most part sizes and shapes

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Magnaflux Portable Magnetic Coils for NDT Testing

Portable Magnetic Coils

Portable magnetic coils to magnetize a variety of part sizes and shapes

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Magnaflux Mag Particle Inspection Equipment Adapters

Equipment Adapters

Central conductors and adapters for magnetic benches help outfit the equipment to fit various part sizes and shapes

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Prods & Clamps

Prods & clamps to magnetize a range of part shapes, configurations and sizes

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Mag Kit

Modular magnetic particle testing system for low volume, economical non-destructive testing

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UV Lamps & Accessories


UV Lamps

UV lamps and LED UV lights for non-destructive testing with fluorescent penetrant testing or magnetic particle inspection

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NDT Light Meters

UV-A Meter and Visible Light Meter for measuring UV-A black light and visible white light

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Indicators & Meters

Field Indicators

Magnetic field indicators and Gauss meters for measuring magnetic field strength and direction

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Magnetic particle inspection meters measure magnetizing equipment performance and accuracy

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Magnetic Particle Test Pieces

Magnetic particle performance evaluation devices measure magnetic particle performance

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Magnetic Particle Consumable Accessories

Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes and stand to measure settling volume concentration of magnetic powders

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Magnetic Particle Applicators

Magnetic particle applicators provide fast, reliable, even application of magnetic powers and bath suspensions

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Yoke Accessories

Yoke Accessories

Yoke Light and Test Weight to use with Magnaflux AC electromagnetic yokes

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