PeneCert™ Test Services for Liquid Penetrant Testing

PeneCert testing services monitor the quality of in-use penetrant, emulsifiers and developers to ensure continued compliance to standards like ASTM E1417 and AMS 2644.

Peak penetrant inspection system performance is highly dependent on the integrity of the penetrant, emulsifier and developer products.

Although these products are carefully formulated to withstand the abuse and rigors of the NDT inspection process, any material is susceptible to contamination and degradation during use, and penetrants, emulsifiers and developers are no exception.

Magnaflux recommends regular laboratory system checks on in-use penetrant, emulsifier and developer to comply with industry standards, ensure the conformance of the PT testing products and maintain penetrant inspection system performance.

Regular testing also helps establish the point of performance loss and material failure.


Learn more about maintaining your penetrant testing system, or contact us with specific questions about our PeneCert services or to request a quote.

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PeneCert Test Services

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