EV6000 Hand-held UV Lamp Demo and Q&A [Webinar]


EV6000 UV lamp for nondestructive testing reduces on-the-job downtime with LEDS that last up to 25,000 hours

By Alex Anne Mastroni, Marketing Specialist


Watch and listen to a 20-minute EV6000 demonstration by two outstanding NDT experts who afterwards host a 20-minute Q&A for participants to ask their own LED UV questions.

Designed for nondestructive testing professionals, the EV6000 improves inspection quality and flexibility by offering 5,000 μW/cm2 high intensity UV-A illumination with broad-coverage hand-held LED lamp so inspectors can inspect fluorescent inspections.

Watch only your favorite parts

  • 0:10 Agenda and introductions
  • 3:45 UV Lamp certifications, beam size, and output demonstration
  • 7:45 UV Lamp hand-held and stationary overview
  • 8:43 UV Lamp comparison chart
  • 9:40 Defining IP 65 Rating
  • 11:15 Aluminized housing demonstration
  • 12:50 How to find our blogs
  • 13:30 Why wavelength matters?
  • 19:15 What are the safety concerns for UV Lamps?
  • 20:58 What are the benefits of buy an EV6000?
  • 25:30 Do I need to stabilize the EV6000?


Minimizes time to inspect parts

  • Speeds up inspection time with one of the widest, most even beams on the market
  • Indications are clearly visible even at the edge of the 9 inch / 23 cm beam, thanks to the high intensity LEDs

Maximize range of inspections

  • Use for virtually any fluorescent penetrant or mag particle inspection
  • Inspect a wide range of components, including aerospace parts, without worry
  • Full NDT specification compliance, including ASTM E3022, RRES 90061, and AITM6-1001

Increases real-world reliability

  • Reduces on-the-job downtime with dependable, reinforced construction
  • Fully sealed IP65 rated housing will stand up to the elements


Published January 26, 2021

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