Multi-Directional Magnetic Wet Benches for AC, HWDC or 1-Phase FWDC Magnetization

The MD-Series multi-directional magnetic bench offers Alternating Current, Half Wave Direct Current and 1-phase Full Wave Direct Current for time-saving multidirectional magnetization which can find defects in all orientations with one mag-cycle.

The two outputs (contact and Flux Flow coil) each offer AC, HWDC or 1-Phase FWDC, and are independently adjustable to balance the magnet field intensity.

MD-Series magnetic benches are available in three models: MD-2030, MD-2060 and MD3-2060.

Key Properties






Magnetizing Current Capacity at Contacts (amps) AC 2,500 5,000 5,000
HWDC  3,000 6,000 6,000
FWDC 3,000 6,000 6,000
Maximum Part Length 41 in / 104 cm* 41 in / 104 cm* 41 in / 104 cm*
Maximum Part Diameter - - 16 in / 40 cm*

* See Product Data Sheet for additional configuration options


Maximize part throughput

Advanced process control

Real-world dependability for minimal downtime

  • Allen-Bradley PLC provides reliable controls and off-the-shelf replacements

  • Advanced agitator system helps prevent blockages and clumping by keeping magnetic particles well suspended

  • Rely on our industry leading warranty with best in-class service delivered by a global network of trained Magnaflux authorized service centers

Easy to use and maintain

  • Make quick operational adjustments using the simple, user-friendly operator interface with touch-screen controls

  • External pump system provides fast access for easy cleaning and service

Standard Features

  • 5% duty cycle of 0.5 seconds on, 10 seconds off at maximum output

  • Allen-Bradley PLC

  • Advanced touch-screen operator interface

  • 1,000 customer-programmable techniques

  • Automatic parts counter

  • User-controlled security systems with password protection, supervisor locks and customizable operator access profiles

  • Daily reminder alarms to verify UV light, visible light and particle bath concentration for process control requirements

  • Dimmable UI display helps reduce operator eye fatigue and keeps ambient light below required minimums

  • External pump system for particle bath agitation, circulation and application

  • Integrated rapid-reversing FWDC or decaying-AC demagnetization with 1-touch control

  • Low-voltage output minimizes electrical exposure for operator safety

  • Adjustable mag shot time from 0.5 to 2 seconds

  • Automatic Double-Mag Shot with 1-touch control

  • Mag-shot-activating front push bar with 1-touch control to enable/disable this feature

  • Large, easy-to-read digital ammeters confirms amperage sent through the part

  • Current assurance alarm with visual and audible alerts and alarm log to confirm magnetizing current delivery

  • Solid state circuitry increases lifetime and performance of machinery

Upgrade Options

  • Database System upgrade with advanced touch screen operating interface and barcode scanner for quality control traceability, record automation and reporting 

  • XG-Series conveyor inspection booth maximizes throughput by automatically transferring inspection-ready parts to an adjacent inspection booth

  • Inspection Enclosure Hoods with ventilation fan for a darkened inspection area without sacrificing function and operator comfort, includes a EV6000 hand-held LED UV lamp, flame resistant curtains and visible lighting

  • Auto-Bath upgrade with 22 in / 55 cm capacity decreases processing time by automatically clamping, bathing, magnetizing and unclamping the part

  • ST700 stationary overhead LED UV lamp, 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

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