Conveyor Inspection Booth for Faster NDT Through-Put

XG-Series Conveyor Inspection Booth


The XG-Series Conveyor Inspection Booth is ideal for customers who require high throughput or who want to separate part processing (magnetization) from part inspection; available for A-Series, AD-SeriesD-Series and MD-Series magnetic particle wet benches.

This mag particle inspection upgrade allows a single operator to mag and bathe the parts, then the conveyor transfers the inspection-ready parts to an adjacent inspection booth with up to 4 inspectors.

For additional information on the XG-Series Conveyor Inspection Booth, submit a Custom Equipment Inquiry.


  • Multiple conveyor width options
    • 12 in / 30 cm
    • 18 in / 46 cm
  • Adjustable speed, 4-40 ft/min / 0.02-0.2 m/s
  • ST700 overhead LED inspection UV Lamps, qty. 2
  • EV6000 hand-held LED UV lamps, qty. 2
  • E-stop in-booth emergency power cut-off for additional safety control
  • Demagnetizer with 8,500 A turns and internal diameter of 15 x 15 in (38 x 38 cm)


  • Ergonomic environment for the operator; limits lifting, trwisting and turning.
  • Faster part processing; operators spend more time inspecing parts instead of moving parts in and out of the unit. 
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