Ultragel II

High Performance Ultrasonic Couplant

Ultragel® II is an industry-leading, high-performance, ultrasonic couplant for flaw detection and sizing, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing.

Ultragel II is widely recognized as the industry’s most dependable and popular ultrasonic couplant. This general-purpose medium viscosity gel is known for its outstanding performance, excellent corrosion protection, thixotropic properties and comprehensive range of specifications and approvals.

Ultragel II is Pratt & Whitney approved and meets nuclear grade specifications for halogen and sulfur levels.


  • Clings well to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Fills in depressions in rough surfaces
  • Highest corrosion protection
  • Slow drying for longer inspection time
  • Provides good transducer lubrication
  • Increased acoustic impedance reduces surface noise
  • Wide range of specifications and approvals
  • Thixotropic gel
  • Great surface wetting
  • Nuclear grade
  • Aerospace approvals
  • Hydrogen embrittlement testing


Ordering Information

12 fl oz / 354 mL bottles (case of 12)25-912

1 gal / 3.78 L25-901

5 gal / 18.9 L25-905

55 gal / 208 L drum25-955

Product Properties

NDT TypeUltrasonic Testing

CompatibilityMost composites and metals


Ideal ApplicationAcoustic emission testing, Aerospace inspections, Aircraft wheel maintenance, Composites, Flaw detection, Flaw sizing, Flow metering, Nuclear inspections, Rough surfaces, Thickness gauging, Turbine blades, Vertical or overhead surfaces, Weld inspection


StandardsAPI, ASME, ASTM F519, ASTM F945, ASTM F945 or PWA 36604, MCL E-205 Type II, AWS, Pratt & Whitney PMC 4384


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