Magnetic Bench Mounting Adapters

For Fluorescent Non-Destructive Testing

Magnaflux UV lamp and black light mounting hardware and accessories allow stabilized, hands-free use of portable black lights and LED UV lights during fluorescent non-destructive testing such as fluorescent liquid penetrant testing or fluorescent magnetic particle inspection.

Magnaflux UV lamp mounting assemblies and mounting hardware allow hand-held black lights to be permanently or semi-permanently mounted in the inspection or testing station for hand-free inspection while still allowing the light to be continuously repositioned to illuminate all areas of a test part.

Magnetic bench mounting system for hand-held black light units such as EV6000, ZB-100F, ZB-100F MB and ZB-150F SB. Includes mounting hardware for permanently affixing black lights to Magnaflux wet bench units. Once installed, black lights can be continuously adjusted to fit varying inspection needs.

The Ceiling Mount Assembly comes with hardware to permanently attach hand-held black lights, such as EV6000, ZB-100F, ZB-100F-MB and ZB-150F SB to the solid roof of an inspection area.

When it is important to bring the black light closer to the inspection area, you may purchase one of the extensions shown below.

Ordering Information

Wet Bench Mounting System623365

Black Light Ceiling Mount Assembly623367

Modular Black Light 5.5 Extension622596

Modular Black Light 7.5 Extension622597

Product Properties

NDT TypeFluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Fluorescent Penetrant Testing

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