Specifically engineered for fluorescent NDT inspection



Stationary Inspection LED UV Lamp


The ST700 is an inspection-grade overhead LED UV flood lamp with high-intensity UV-A illumination for non-destructive testing examinations such as fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

The ST700 projects an ultra-wide, even beam of UV-A light straight onto the inspection area, allowing for quick examination of parts with minimal part handling. The high intensity beam makes indications stand out bright and clear, speeding up the inspection process. Proprietary optics and integrated filter minimize visible light emission and prevent decline of UV intensity over time.

Designed to stand up to harsh inspection environments, the ST700’s durable aluminum construction prevents accidental damage to the light. A range of mounting and angling options allow it to be set up anywhere in the inspection process – from mag benches and inspection booths to wash stations.

The ST700 is certified to NDT standards for LED UV lamps and certified for Aerospace Prime and OEM specifications for emission spectrum and beam profile. Each unit is shipped with a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance which meets or exceeds all current specifications for use with fluorescent liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

15% more coverage than UV-LED365/30

Speed up the inspection process

  • Inspect more of the part at once thanks to the ultra-wide, 20 x 26 in / 50 x 66 cm beam when mounted at a working distance of 36 in / 90 cm
  • Eliminate additional steps and equipment involved with using a secondary hand-held inspection lamp
  • White-light mode provides 60 foot-candles / 600 lux of bright visible light when mounted at a working distance of 36 in / 90 cm for visible inspections


Minimize risk of missing indications

  • Make indications stand out bright and clear thanks to the high-intensity LEDs – 7,000 μW/cm2 at 15 in / 38 cm
  • Mount the light out of the way, up to 46 in / 117 cm above the inspection surface while still maintaining inspection level intensity



Real-world reliability

  • Fully sealed construction prevents dust and water damage
  • Maintain UV intensity and coverage over time with non-clouding, proprietary lenses
  • Rugged, impact resistant metal construction designed for NDT environments

Maximize range of specifications

  • ASTM and RRES certified lamp for use in virtually any fluorescent NDT inspection
  • Custom UV-A filters eliminate glare to increase contrast
  • Multiple mounting and angling options to adapt to your inspection environment



  • Airbus AITM6-1001
  • ASTM E2297
  • ASTM E3022
  • ISO 3059
  • Rolls Royce RRES 90061

Work in comfort

  • Keeps inspection booths cool thanks to the fan-less, LED technology
  • Eliminates hazardous mercury vapor for safer working conditions and better EHS compliance
  • Easily maintain and changeover equipment with built-in white light for 60 foot-candles / 600 lux of visible light at 36 in / 90 cm

Improve energy & operational efficiency

  • Reduce energy usage by up to 82% over 400W halogen lamps and 45% over mercury-vapor lamps
  • Long-lasting LEDs need less maintenance


Stationary Inspection LED UV Lamp

  • 7,000 μW/cm2 high intensity UV-A illumination
  • 20 x 26 in / 50 x 66 cm wide, uniform beam at working height
  • Sealed construction prevents damage from water, vapor or dust
  • 4 independent LED modules
  • Angled mounting brackets
  • No hot-spots in the beam profile
  • Rugged, durable design
  • No internal fan
  • Low energy consumption
  • Aerospace prime and OEM certified
  • Improved operator and environmental safety
  • Certified to ASTM, AITM, RRES and Nadcap

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