Centrifuge Tubes


For Magnetic Particle Inspection

This line of centrifuge tubes is to help you easily and accurately measure the magnetic particle concentration of your mag particle bath as part of your regular system performance checks for ASTM E709, ASTM E1444 or ASME BPVC.

Magnaflux centrifuge tubes are individually calibrated to monitor the precise concentration of magnetic particles in suspensions made with 14A, MG-410 and 7C mag particles, as well as contamination levels of the bath.

Click on the tabs below to get more information on the different centrifuge tubes or check out the reference table to find the right centrifuge tube for you.

  • Reference Table 
  • 14A Centrifuge Tube 
  • MG-410 Centrifuge Tube 
  • 7C Centrifuge Tube 
  • Centrifuge Tube Stand 

Centrifuge Tube Reference Table

Magnaflux Product Centrifuge Tube Part Number
14A 14A Centrifuge Tube 8493
14A Aqua-Glo 14A Centrifuge Tube 8493
14A Redi-Bath 14A Centrifuge Tube 8493
14AM 14A Centrifuge Tube 8493
20B 14A Centrifuge Tube 8493
MG-410 MG-410 Centrifuge Tube 507923
MG-2410 MG-410 Centrifuge Tube 507923
MG-3410 MG-410 Centrifuge Tube 507923
7C Black 7C Centrifuge Tube 2461
7HF 7C Centrifuge Tube 2461

14A Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tube for 14A, 14AM, 14A Redi-Bath and 20B fluorescent magnetic particles.

0 – 1.0 ml in 0.05 graduations.


Part Number: 8493


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MG-410 Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tube for MG-410, MG-2410 and MG-3410 fluorescent magnetic particles.

0 - 0.2 ml in 0.01 graduations


Part Number: 507923


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7C Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tube for 7C Black and 7HF visible magnetic particles. 

0 - 1.5 ml in 0.10 graduations.


Part Number: 2461


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Centrifuge Tube Stand

Aluminum centrifuge stand safely holds centrifuge tubes when mixing bath concentrations.


Part Number: 1837A


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