Magnaflux Liquid Penetrant ZR-10E

Hydrophilic Emulsifier

Designed to remove excess surface penetrant, ZR-10E minimizes surface background during Method D fluorescent penetrant testing while protecting indication integrity in critical component inspections.

This Method D remover reduces fluorescent background on rough surfaces and minimizes penetrant bleed-out from hollow parts. ZR-10E is tested and approved to AMS 2644 to work with Magnaflux PE penetrants ZL-2C Level 2, ZL-27A Level 3 and ZL-37 Level 4 for verified penetrant system reliability.

ZR-10E provides long tank life and excellent solution consistency for dependable, long-lasting performance in a variety of applications.

ZR-10E is listed on the QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List and is approved for use by Pratt & Whitney.


Maximize penetrant inspection process control

  • PE penetrant system is less susceptible to human error since ZR-10E only works with rinse water to remove excess surface penetrant

  • Tested and confirmed per AMS 2644 to work with Magnaflux PE penetrants for verified penetrant system reliability

  • Maintains solution consistency for dependable performance with minimal agitation

Wide range of inspections

  • Flexible to work with many types of equipment and application methods

  • Inspect a wide range of high-value components without fear of corrosion or specification non-conformance

  • Meets all major industry and NDT specification requirements, including Aerospace Prime and OEM specs, AMS 2644 and ISO 3452

Maximize operator comfort and safety

  • Promotes better inspection quality by providing the operator with a more comfortable work environment

  • Reduces discomfort from strong odors

  • Exceeds all EHS requirements


  • Hydrophilic emulsifier
  • Reduces bleed-out on hollow parts
  • Lower concentration required
  • Resist degradation from bacteria, fungus or other contaminants
  • QPL SAE AMS 2644 Qualified Product List
  • Approved for use by Pratt & Whitney
  • Specifications 
  • Container Size & Part Number 
  • Applications 
  • Use Recommendations 


  • AECL
  • AMS 2644
  • AMS 2647
  • ASTM E1417
  • ASTM E165
  • Boeing BAC 5423 PSD 6-46 or 8-4
  • Boeing PS-21202
  • GE P3TF2
  • GE P50YP107
  • Honeywell EMS 52309
  • MIL-STD-2132
  • MIL-STD-271
  • Pratt & Whitney 4355

Container Size & Part Number

5 gal / 18.9 L pail          01-3625-40

20 gal / 75.7 L drum      01-3625-30

55 gal / 208 L drum       01-3625-45


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Defect location: open to surface

Ideal for:

  • Detecting fine to very-fine discontinuities
  • Precision components
  • Safety-critical components
  • Investment castings
  • High-stress parts
  • Castings
  • Turbine engine blades, disks, etc.

Defect examples:

  • Cracks
  • Seams
  • Porosity
  • Scratches


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Classifications & Temperature

NDT Method: Penetrant Testing

Type: Type 1 and Type 2

Method: Method D


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