Magnaflux End of Life Policy

The Product Life Cycle Policy is intended to help you plan for the maintenance and support of your Magnaflux system, and to provide recommendations on how to best maintain your testing capabilities.

Phase 1: In Production / Full Support

Products in Phase 1 are in full production, under warranty or not under warranty depending on timing. Support is dependent on having service support options for hardware / software available and replacement hardware / parts are available.

We can provide the following support:

  • Technical support
  • Spare parts *
  • Calibration

Phase 2: Out of Production / Best Effort Support

Products in Phase 2 are no longer in full production and no longer under warranty. Systems move into Phase 2 ten (10) years after the end of full production. Both hardware and software are typically only available on a limited basis. Parts which are still used on current production units will be made available.

We can provide the following support:

  • Limited technical support **
  • Best effort repair, spare parts only if still used on current production units***
  • Calibration is typically available, but repairs may not be possible if the system fails calibration


* If parts are discontinued by the manufacturer, Magnaflux may not be able to provide that same part. We will attempt to provide a replacement, but this may not be possible for all parts.

**Limited Technical Support: Best effort technical/phone support based on available documentation and expertise.

***Best Effort Repair: Repair parts may have long lead times and may be expensive. Repair may or may not be possible, and/or may take longer than usual.


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