Equipment Adapters


For Magnetic Particle Inspection

Make sure your Magnaflux magnetic bench works with every part you need to inspect with this range of equipment adapters. From large, heavy parts to small pieces like bolts, screws and pins, Magnaflux equipment adapters help you get more out of your magnetic bench by helping you make it work for a wide variety of parts.

Click on the tabs below to get more details on our mag particle testing equipment adapters, or contact the Magnaflux sales manager in your area for help choosing the right contact pads for your application.

  • Central Conductors 
  • Steady Rests 
  • Contact Block 
  • Small Parts Adapter 

Central Conductors

Solid copper rods 18 in / 45.7 cm long for circular magnetization (head shot) of rings and hollow parts.  Set of three diameters: 0.50 in / 12.7 mm, 0.75 in / 19.0 mm, 1.00 in / 25.4 mm


  • ASTM E709


Part Number: 622639


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Steady Rests

Steady Rests are used to support and stabilize long or heavy parts such as crankshafts during the inspection process.

Part Numbers:

Headstock:  605750
Tailstock:  621658
Rail-Mount:  1857


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Contact Block

Permits remote testing of parts that are too heavy or too large for processing on unit.  When clamped between head and tailstock, the block supplies magnetizing current to remote prods or clamps through flexible cable (cable not included, see cables and connectors).


  • ASTM E709


Part Number: 1830


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Small Parts Adapters

Magnaflux adapters permit the use of standard wet horizontal test units for inspection of small parts such as bolts, screws, pins, etc. Mounted directly to either the head (PN 28470) or tail stock (PN 28471) the solid copper adaptors maintain adequate clearance to proper clamping action.


  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444


Part Numbers

28470: Headstock Adaptor made of solid copper, mounts to headstock.
28471: Tailstock Adaptor made of solid copper, mounts to tailstock.


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