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DARACLEAN® 259Cleaning solution

DARACLEAN® 259 has demonstrated its ability to remove machine oils, lubricating oils, cutting fluids, polishing compounds and even tough, carbonized soils. Using an aggressive alkaline chemical, you can decompose heavy oils and dirt.Designed for use in applications by dipping, spraying and ultrasonic cleaning, Daraclean ® 259 is an excellent cleaner to use with a broad spectrum of soils and is safe with glass, ceramics, plastics and metal. DARACLEAN® 259 is an alkaline cleaning solution, for general use with low foam, formulated with a blend of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and phosphates.

Cleaner Type:

Alkaline cleaner

Part number and package size:
◾01-6160-45: 55 gallon barrel
◾01-6160-40: 5 gallon

01-6160-45 Daraclean 259