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"The EV6000 is a compelling, rugged new option for nondestructive testing that meets the latest industry standards. Its 9-inch beam is especially even, meaning there are no hotspots. Click here for more information."

Batch Certifications  

Obtain Material Batch Certifications by entering the six digit Batch number (i.e., 13A123) for products manufactured in the USA.

Click Here for more information about Magnaflux Batch Certifications. NOTE! To access the Shelf Life dates of Magnaflux products CLICK HERE


Equipment and Accessories Certifications  

Obtain Equipment and Accessories Certificate of Conformance for Black Lights, Yokes and Various Other Accessories by typing the Magnaflux PART NUMBER.  


Magnaflux provides leading manufacturers and NDT facilities around the globe with the most comprehensive and proven line of liquid penetrant and magnetic particle materials, equipment and accessories, in addition to Process Compensated Resonant quality inspection systems, aerospace approved aqueous cleaners, and ultrasonic couplants.